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re: Freep tips

Originally posted by Jalthir

Hey guys

I figured I would capture some stuff I've learned about the moors to help with people new to the zone. Also - like I've said before, in the heat of battle I often get blinders on and tend to forget stuff like this, so here's hoping it helps when we're grouped up Happy

Tracking - arguably your greatest asset to the group second to dps, take the opportunity to track whenever you are out of combat. Slot the trait allowing you to track stealthed nature will help since Wargs are usually the scouts for advancing parties. Remember: actively tracking an opponent will give them notification. If you see one of your tracking targets is very close, go ahead and track and try knock them out of stealth.

Traps - when in confined spaces, trap hallways, stairways. Out in the open lay traps down around minis or RKs or even yourself.

Fear - fear locks down a creep's skill and makes them move very slowly. Very good for use on Warleaders. Don't be afraid to switch targets (if you are not the main assist) to fear a healer. Cry of the predator also works on Wargs.

Melee - don't underestimate your melee skills, low-cut buys you some time to get distance as well as being able to do some decent damage when enemies least expect it. If you are engaged in melee range, don't bother with induction skills.


Stun immunity - it might be a bit boring, but keeping this up on as many fellows as you can (including yourself) AT ALL times will rob the creeps of their most potent weapon - Warg pounce. Warg dps isn't their greatest strength, but locking down opponents is. AT least keep this on the Minstrels and yourself.

Tar - use it unexpectedly. Don't drop tar and wait in the middle of a field. Once engaged with the enemy, drop it between reavers and hunters (they usually go for them) or between wargs and minis. Kite in and around the tar, blast creeps with fire when they are in Tar (hunters w Fire oil, RK'ers, LMs)

Pets - use your pet to interrupt BAs or Warleaders, if you see a creep pull your pet towards NPC, recall the immediately.

Switch up your CC - don't mez and mez and mez - DR kicks in and reduces the effectiveness each time. Root, mez, stun keeps them on their toes. Also be aware that reavers when they are charging are immune to CC for 8 seconds, don't waste power trying to lock the down, debuff them, watch out for disarm.

Wind-lore the BAs, they'll love you for it!

Stealth detection - keep this up on yourself and any class that can stealth - Burg, Hunter, Warden. In coordination with tracking, will help scout warg packs


Fervor - you'll need it to do a decent amount of damage but it makes you a squishy target. Get used to toggling it off when you are taking heavy fire. Switch to Glory to regen power and get heals then toggle Fervor back on.

Swift Strike+Hamstring - get a slow on your target asap

Fervent Rage - allows you to pop 5 fervor + Sound the Attack/Horn of Gondor straight away. You can cue it up while you are mounted.

AoE - trait AoE out there, creeps have good single-target heals but are much weaker with group-wide healing. Also good for popping out wargs.

Clobber - great for keeping War-Leaders totally ineffective. Don't be afraid to break off and clobber a War-Leader while Hunters and RK'ers dps the target assist.

Sprint - find a legendary weapon with T6 Sprint and max it out. Swap weapons before popping Sprint and you can get ~30 second sprint. Very powerful. If you are getting focus-fired by melee (Reavers/Wargs) and have allies/npcs nearby, pop Spring and kite, they can't slow you, you won't take any damage.


Shield-wall - probably your most valuable contribution to a group. Again, this might not be the most exciting role, as we all like to get into the thick of battle, but shield-walling a healer can mean the difference between a group wipe or victory.

Pledge - use it proactively rather than defensively and watch the creeps fume. Pop pledge and rush into the thick of battle, good times.

Stagger - very effective on reavers and wargs, especially since they tend to go for squishy targets.

Harass the healers - War Leaders and Defilers need inductions to heal, you can stick to them like glue and keep them from being effective, creep dps will go down fast.

Targeted melee range - max this legacy on your weapons, a range advantage in melee means you can hit non-ranged classes but they cannot hit you, very effective.


Prevention skills - keep blade will not wound or fang will not poison up as much as possible. Though the number of curable debuffs/DoTs has been reduced, these two will help stop disarm or one of the myriad Weaver skills from sticking, respectively. Keeping Do Not Fall to Flame helps against Reavers (you can nullify an entire dev strike with this) or BA fire-trap; even preventing 1 tick of the Dot can be helpful (but it won't save you entirely)

Epic Conclusion - don't simply use it when it's up because you will most likely hit for ~600 damage. Slot Harsh Debate, Perfect Imagery and Tale of Storm. Wait until you at least get the Harsh Debate buff (+15% damage) to use it. If you have Tale of Storm proc as well, hit Perfect Imagery before casting, this will give you +40% crit chance.

Chilling Rhetoric - best slow in the game, can use at range, slot the trait for the -cooldown and keeping the slow even on damage.

Fall to Our Wrath - amazing debuff, almost guaranteed to proc in a group/raid, adds burst damage, even through a bubble.

Armour of XX - storm is good for general purpose, fire is great when facing reavers and BAs as it gives fire mit AND can proc a fire dot, frost is also extremely valuable as it procs a slow and attack duration debuff, allowing you to get away.

Dots - better range than lightning, works through bubbles, works great on wargs. Mix this in to your rotation as much as you can.

Frost debuffs - cast Flurry of Words and fight on the Ice - prevents Wargs from stealthing up on you. Essence of Winter is also very powerful - +100% power cost makes creeps cry.

Healing - HoTs are not as valuable as burst healing, but they can be effective if you keep them up on melee before they engage. Bubbles are the most valuable skill RK'ers have in their arsenal. Just be careful of HoTs applied around NPCs, esp keeps they will come straight for you if they aggro on someone with healing pulsing.


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