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re: Rift Guide

(Posted by Chicory)
Guide to The Rift of Nurz Ghashu
Swifty & Hammo’s Approach to the Rift

Loot Distribution:

See General Raiding Policies.

Getting Prepared:

* Bring your own pots, scrolls, and tokens. At a minimum we use (1) +5 token (per group) per boss as well as (1) scroll of battle and (1) scroll of warding. We rotate who uses their tokens and scrolls by going in order down the raid list.
* Recommended number to bring per raid is: (5) +5 tokens, scrolls of battle, and scrolls of warding, and (20) pure wound salves.
* Consider bringing extra armour that carries resistances (e.g. armour that has + 3% wound resistance) and extra weapons that do varying types of damage (light, beleriand, and ancient dwarf are good choices). Tanks may want to consider bringing an extra shield. Any weapons, armour, or jewellry, traits that add to in combat power regeneration (ICPR) should be highly considered.
* Setup virtues, class traits, and legendary skills accordingly, before the raid start time. Just ask if you are unsure what would be appropriate for your class.

General Guidelines:

* CC is vital; AOE is generally bad.
* Mobs have AOE too, be aware of your positioning to them so you don't take needless damage.
* Know and use your raid assist target window.
* Communicate. If you are in trouble, let the others know.
* Dying is part of the learning process. If you die, try and examine the situation and not repeat it. Were you doing something to aggro a mob that you shouldn’t have been? Could you have done anything different to prevent your death? (i.e. use a racial or class skill)
* Do not tab-select through target if you have the ability to do ranged auto-attack damage. This often leads to broken mezzes or unintended aggro, and compromises group success. Unless otherwise instructed, you should be attacking the main raid assist target. The tilde (~) key is the shortcut for toggling auto-attack on/off.
* BRGs (or if no BRGs)/GRDs should help determine the Fellowship Maneuver and the raid leader should set it for the whole group. Color assignment should be somewhat based on class and execution feasibility. Turn off target forwarding if you have trouble contributing to the FM. A backup FM should be established for when people are stunned or in need of morale/power.

General Game Settings:

* Disable dread effects. In the UI settings panel in options scroll down to Special Effect Options and uncheck "Enable Dread Effects." This is a must for all classes.
* Dispellable Effects Only. In the socail panel in options scroll down to Group Effect Options and check "Show Dispellable Effects only." If you are a hunter, LM, captain, or min this is a must, other classes it is recommended but not required.
* Show targets target. In the combat panel in options check "Show the vitals of your selection's target." This is a must for GRD and champ, and recommended for all others. This is how you tell who has aggro, if you aren't tanking it probably shouldn't be you. Use Ctrl+\ to and drag "Selections target" to a better spot, the default is hard to see.
* Display mez breaks. In combat options check "display combat state break notices in chat window." Recommended for all, you may be breaking mezzes and fears without knowing it, this will tell you, so you'll be aware.
* Raid Assist. In the social panel under the raid tab near the bottom check "Raid Assist Window." This is a must for all classes.
* Window Organization. Ctrl+\ to bring it up, you can move anything that "pops up on the screen" to a different spot. Arrange them how you want, try not to have important stuff overlap.

Trash Mob Encounters:


* Focus fire on the troll-keeper first.
* Troll cannot be tanked until keeper is down.
* Troll cannot be CC’d.
* If the troll cannot find the keeper (due to him being too far away) he will hit very hard.
* Troll AOEs to the front, stay behind him, and debuff if possible.
* Trolls have knockback, face them and fight them accordingly to not be knocked off ledges/into other mobs.


* Use blinding flash or riddle to keep the slave and slave-master mezzed, otherwise the slave will heal the other mobs and the slave-master will put a buff on the hillmen to make them hit 3x to 4x stronger. If the CC is resisted or they are knocked out of mezz, they should be tanked away from the other mobs until they can be re-mezzed. Try not to stun them, as the 8-second immunity afterwards makes it a longer process for LRMs and BRGs to re-apply the mez. Be aware of using DoT skills/weapons as well for the same reason.
* Tank and peel off one hillmen at a time to focus fire them down.
* Once hillmen is down, focus fire on the slave-master.
* Once the slave-master is down, focus on the slave.

Slave-Master/Pale-Folk/(sometimes Hillmen)

* Mez the slave-master and hillmen (if present).
* Burn down the pale-folk. They apply a delayed poison-stun. HNTs and BRGs should remove this on anyone they see who has the effect. This is also vital for the mushroom quest. When you pick up the mushroom, you get a large poison DoT and it should be removed immediately via pot/HNT/BRG.


* Isolate and mez the summoner(s) and as many scrapper(s) as possible.
* Pull and tank any remain scrappers/summoners away from any patrol LoS.
* Focus fire on the fire-worms first, then scrappers, then summoners.
* Reapply mez/CC as needed.
* Interrupt skills such as Clobber/Kick/Stomp/Addle or, as a last resort, stuns (as stuns prevent FM starters from working).

Ongburz Defenders, Fighters/Fumeroles

* Group moves as one tight pack together across the 1st bridge and stops. Do not stand on the bridge because you will take fire damage.
* Chain mez one defender, and focus fire down the fighters. There should only ever be 3 orcs on the platforms at a time so if one is mezzed only two others should continue to spawn. Move slowly as a tight group across the left edge of the platform and wait until a fumerole pops up and focus fire it down before anything else. Use interrupt skills to reduce chance of “fire limfrans” from being spawned. Focus fire down 1 limfran at a time with auto-attacks (because they reflect a portion of whatever damage they take). Deal with any other orcs that have spawned. Move slowly across the platform and repeat process 2 more times.
* Move across the bridge to 2nd platform and repeat process.
* Move across the bridge to 3rd platform and take care of orcs. There shouldn’t be any more fumeroles. Move half-way down the last platform to get the orcs to stop spawning and prepare for the 5th boss fight.

Boss Encounters:

Barz (boots gem)
For the Barz fight, a tank and a minstrel are assigned to tank Barz. Everyone else in the raid will alternate between killing Barz and dealing with the 3 waves of adds.

Tank A - the Barz tank
Tank B - the adds tank
Mini A - the Barz mini

To start the fight, Tank A will begin building threat on Barz. After some time to establish aggro, the raid will be free to damage Barz.

Generally speaking Tank B should be near the spawn points at the back of the cave to pick up the adds as soon as they enter.

At approximately 100k health, Barz will summon a Cave Troll and Troll-Keeper. Everyone except for Tank A and Mini A will deal with these in the usual manner. Once the adds are down, the raid continues damage to Barz.

At approximately 70k health, Barz will summon a Slave/Slave-Master/Workers group. Everyone except for Tank A and Mini A will deal with these in the usual manner. Once the adds are down, the raid continues damage to Barz.

At approximately 40k health, Barz will summon a Slave/Slave-Master/Workers group. Everyone except for Tank A and Mini A will deal with these in the usual manner. Once the adds are down, the raid will be able to focus on Barz until he is dead.

Barz has 2 special abilities which he will use throughout the fight.
1. "I'll gnaw your bones." - This is an AoE skill which will kill you if you're within range. When he says this statement everyone within 10m of Barz will need to move outside of his melee range. To assist with awareness of this skill, several people on voice will typically say "bones"...if you hear this, you should make sure you are not near Barz.
2. "There is no power greater than Barz." - When Barz uses this skill, he will run at whoever his target is and hit them/drain some of their power. When this happens, do not run away. Just let Barz run to you and then he'll run back to the tank. When this skill happens, Tank A should not try to chase down Barz, but should just stay by the campfire and wait for Barz to come back to him.
3. When damaging Barz, unless you are the one tanking him, you should be behind him. As with other troll-like mobs, Barz has AoE frontal attacks for his normal melee attack.

In Short
Tank A/Mini A stay on Barz the whole fight.
100k - Others deal with Cave Troll/Troll-Keeper
70k - Others deal with Slave/Slave-Master/Workers
40k - Others deal with Slave/Slave-Master/Workers
"gnaw your bones" - Run Away!
"no power greater" - Stay Still.

Zurm (boots gem)
The Zurm fight is very similar to the Barz fight. Here are the differences:
-Zurm does not have a power which requires running away. The tank will be able to stay close the whole time.
-One of Zurm's special attacks will stun the tank for 5 seconds during which he will run to another person in the raid and hit them. During that time the tank should sit and wait for Zurm to come back.
-Zurm's other special attack is an AoE frontal. As you should not be in front of Zurm during the fight anyway, this should not be an issue. While fighting him or any other troll-like creature, everyone except the tank should be behind the target. When possible, the tank should be fighting with his back to a wall.
-The third wave of adds in this fight will include pale-folk. They should be dealt with first as they interrupt induction timers and put stun-poison on their targets. Hunters should focus on making sure that the raid remains clear of poison.

In Short
Tank A/Mini A stay on Zurm the whole fight.
100k - From Side:Others deal with Cave Troll/Troll-Keeper
70k - From Back:Others deal with Slave/Slave-Master/Workers
40k - From Side:Others deal with Slave/Slave-Master/Workers/Pale-Folk (kill pale-folk first)

Fruz (gloves gem)

* Very first thing - everyone enters the room together because the doors close almost immediately after someone crosses the doorway threshhold.
* Tokens must be used, a 15 minute one is sufficient

-This fight is basically a tank and spank with a twist:
-Main tank engages Fruz and tanks him into one of the far corners opposite the staircase
-Fruz will periodically run to other raid members, when this happens, run to a corner or back to the tank to keep him away from the stairs
-Every 1 minute a wave of 4 adds descends from the staircase, they drop down and make for Fruz, if they can get right next to him, they will heal a good portion of the damage he's taken
-Anyone with stun or root ability should be watching the staircase (Burgs, Champion, LM's), when they start running down the stairs everyone except the Main tank (who remains on Fruz) and the Mini runs over to the stairs - if you have a Champ, use Battle Horn to stun them right as they land from the stairs (Champs, after the mobs are stunned use Raging Blades to draw aggro onto yourself to also keep them from running to Fruz), LM's root, Burgs can stun on top of the stairs before they descend, then everyone takes them out ASAP
-Minstrels might like to have their War-Speech on so they can do some AoE damage to the adds to help take them down quickly.
-Once the wave of adds is down, everyone goes back to Fruz for DPS mode
-Rinse and repeat until Fruz is dead

Zogtark (leggings gem)

When you enter the room you first need to clear the middle, right, and left:

* Clear the summoner patrols to begin with (2).
* Clear the group of defenders and fighters (5). Mez and off-tank the rest.
* Move to the right, behind the rock. Mez pull the drakelings, and kill the 1) fighters, 2) unmezzed drakelings, and 3) mezzed drakelings. You may also get additional fire-worms that patrol.
* Move to the left side of the room. Mez pull the drake and scrapper, kill the scrappers, then the drake.

At this point, you should stop, use tokens, scrolls, and food before the second phase of the fight:

* Work out who will tank the 2 drakes on the north side of the room and who will heal the tanks (CHNs, and GRDs work well).
* When the fight starts, kill the fire-worm adds, then focus on the the left drake.
* When the drakes get to about 3/4 to 2/3 health the will begin to move south and then take flight. At this point the main tank grabs the attention of Zogtark, who will begin to fight. The main tank and main healer should move to the upper north east corner to prevent Zogtark from healing the drakes. The rest of the group should focus fire and slow the left drake (he can be taken down before he takes flight).
* When the left (west) drake is down, work on the right (east) one; debuff and range the remaining drake; at about 12-10k the drake will stop flying and come back to the ground where he can be focus-fire meleed.
* Focus fire, debuff, feed power, and burn down Zogtark.

Narnulubat (chest gem)

* See the above strategy for the bridge, orcs, and fumeroles.
* Arrange 2 DPS (HNT or CHNs) to stay on the west and east side of the platform to focus on killing the 2k morale darklings the entire fight (if they reach the middle platform hole, they transform into 10k morale world-eaters, so others assist if they reach the middle platform. The darklings cannot be outright CC'd, however they are affected by skills that slow them, if they become world eaters they can be mezzed, rooted, and otherwise CC'd.
* The main tank, main healer, LRM will focus on Narnulubat. The main tank will continue to get aggro and run a circular path from left to right, the LRM tries to cure the armour rend that Narn puts on the tank (will need to be traited with Proof of All Ills) and the healer keeps the tank alive.
* The rest of the group focus fires one at a time on the 4 mobs at the corners of platform. Once the 4 are down, the darklings will begin to spawn at double the rate. Focus fire and burn down Narn and assist the DPSers taking down the darklings when needed.

Shadow-Eater/Stone-Biter (random gear)

* Once you clear the scrappers, defenders, and fighters, you will prepare outside the gate.
* There are 2 bosses: Shadow-Eater and Stone-Biter. Shadow-Eater has about 2x the morale (approx. 150k) as Stone-Biter. Main tank and main healer tanks Shadow-Eater and off-tank and off-healer tanks the other. LRM assists the tank and healer by removing the wound that the boss puts on them (debuff icon looks like an eye).
* The goal is to bring both bosses down at approximately the same time by load balancing everyone else and moving DPS from one boss to the other. It works well to get one boss to a specified morale (say 20k morale) then switch to the other and get them to the same point.
* It seems that when one of the bosses gets to about 10k, darklings will start to be spawned and will turn into World-Eaters if not brought down. If they turn into World-Eaters they can be CC'd until the bosses are down.

Thrang (helmet gem)
OT + healer on the giant
Rest of the raid deals with the 4 waves: Defenders/Fighters/Scrappers/Summoners
Mez the last summoner @ ~1k and clear any fire worm adds
MT goes up the stairs, everyone in the space between the stairs and pillar
Heartseeker the mezzed summoner.
MT and OT grabs 2 shaman each and brings them down the steps.
MT takes 2 shamans into right cubby (facing the steps)
OT takes 2 shamans into the left cubby where the DPS group is
Everyone focus fire on one shaman. AoE the other shaman so they heal themselves and not each other.
Rinse & repeat until the last shaman is almost down
Raid pulls the shaman away from the stairs, MT gets into position at the bottom of the stairs
Raid takes out the last shaman, Thrang comes down, MT taunts.
Raid moves to the opposite side of the room (where the Giant & Ever-seer are at the beginning of the encounter)
MT builds hate on Thrang, rest of the RAID backs off (Thrang cannot take damage at this point)
LM keep stun immunity on as many ppl as possible (at minimum the MT)
MT kites Thrang into a fumerole leaving him vulnerable to damage for ~10s. Raid runs in and gives a beat down as fast as possible.
Thrang will AoE + stun just after his vulnerability state ends - so stun immunity works well
If conjunction comes up - hit all R (bleed effects are wiped when he resumes invulerable mode)

Not yet fully developed or successfully completed:

Thaurlach (weapon/shield gem, shoulder gem)

Key class skills to use in The Rift:

Blinding Flash/Riddle

* Applies to: LRM, BRG
* What it does: Mesmerizes target for 30s. Breaks on damage. Status icon is blue with an exclamation point.
* Cooldown: 15s for LRMs, 30s for BRGs in Mischief Mode.
* Key uses: Use to separate buffers (slave-masters) and healers (slaves) from the rest of mobs and disable them.


* Applies to: CHN, CPT, GRD, BRG
* What it does: Interrupts target's induction skills such as summoning, buffs, healing. Can also lengthen induction times (Addle).
* Cooldown: Varies depending on class from 30s to 1m.
* Key uses: Use to stop summoned mobs (fire-worms, limfrans) and healers (slaves).

Call to Greatness

* Applies to: MNS
* What it does: Opens up event-based skills, refreshes cooldowns for the target, or other effects depending on class. Duration is 15s. Key classes to use it are MNS (increases healing by 10% and refreshes instant heal every 5s), LRMs (refeshes BF every 5s), and GRD (increase threat generation by 20%).
* Cooldown: 5m
* Key uses: Depends on the class it is cast on. Good opener for getting GRDs aggro. Good to use on LRMs when mezzes are broken. Good to use on MNSs when extra healing is needed.

Cure Poison/Wound/Disease/Fear

* Applies to: HNT, BRG, LRM, CPT, MNS
* What it does: Removes negative DoTs, base stat decreases, and can and increase resistance.
* Cooldown: Varies depending on class from none to 1m.
* Key uses: Uses are for HNT (delayed poison stuns), LRM (armour rends; large DoTs), CPT (shadow dmg DoTs, fate and will debuffs). BRG and MNS have longer cooldowns which prevents them from using them as often but still should be used. It's vital to remove the ones with the timer icon.

Sign of Power: Righteousness

* Applies to: LRM
* What it does: Prevents the target from being stunned or cowering for 1m (if traited)
* Cooldown: 5s.
* Key uses: Priority targets to keep the buff on are on GRDs, MNSs, LRMs and anyone who has been revived and is suffering from dread causing them to cower.

Battle Horn/Storm Lore

* Applies to: CHN, LRM
* What it does: AOE stuns targets.
* Cooldown: ? for CHN, 3m for LRM
* Key uses: Fruz fight to prevent the orcs from getting close enough to heal him.

Herb Lore/Rain of Thorns

* Applies to: LRM, HNT
* What it does: AOE roots targets.
* Cooldown: 2m for LRM, 5m for HNT
* Key uses: Fruz fight to prevent the orcs from getting close enough to heal him.
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