Let me be the first person to welcome you to Swifty and Hammo. (Unless you already know a few people in Swifty and Hammo...then I may be the 6th person to welcome you...and in that case, kindly disregard this opening message).

It occured to me that there is a lot of information about our kinship that new players may not know. We have many helpful kin mates and unwritten 'guidelines' that many new members probably don't find out until they stumble across them by accident (or one of the officers remind them). The purpose of this page is to help give you an idea of what tools are available to you and some things we expect out of you as a kin member.

In-Game Policies

One of the first things you should do after getting an invite to the kin is to update your kin note. Hit 'o' on your keyboard to open up your social panel. Click to the kinship tab and at the bottom click 'Note'. If you are on your main, please put 'Main' or something similiar (feel free to include other information like what your crafting is). If you are on an alt, put 'Alt of [MAIN'S NAME]' or something similiar. This helps the other players know who you are when you're on an alt. To view other people's kinship notes, click the little play arrow in the last column of all the kinship members. It should cycle between location, join date, and kinship note (this will allow you to see what some of us have put as our kin notes).

All new members are joined at a recruit level. Once you've been with the kinship at least 1 week (and have been somewhat active) we'll promote you to kinmember. If you feel like you've met that criteria and still haven't been promoted, drop an officer a tell and they should promote you (we sometimes don't notice that people still need to be promoted). In order to become an officer, you'll need to demonstrate committment to the game and to other players in the kinship and generally be seen as someone who will help out in any given situation (and be somewhat decent at playing your class). Officership is determined by the leaders of our kin (Wulfy and Gilderbrand) with the support of their current officers. More information on that can be found in our forums.

We expect all members to behave and act appropriately in-game. We in Swifty and Hammo have an excellent reputation of being fun people that has been developed throughout the game's lifetime. We will not tolerate kinmates who don't treat fellow players with respect. We ask that if you communicate in World (or any public channel), that you do so with repect and don't bow down to name calling or putting down other players in it. This game is designed to be fun. Not a place where you can call out other people for their stupidity.

Website Policies

Our website is a great resource for finding out kin and game information!

First and foremost, the calendar is a KIN resource. It is open for ANYONE to use. If you want to run an instance, throw it up on the calendar. If you want to go on a raid, sign up! If you don't like the raid time and want to run it at a different time, throw it up on the calendar (no promises that anyone will sign up however). Anybody can put up a sign-up and signing-up for an event/raid/instance is open for everyone (as long as you meet the leader's sign-up requirements). Please, please, please use this tool. We cannot stress its importance and usefulness enough.  See the General Member Info section of our Hammiki for instructions.

The Hammiki link in the main menu will take you to a page where you can find all sorts of information to help make you a better player or answer those questions you have. You'll be able to find what members have end-game raiding gear, resources for finding building custom legendary weapons, where to find your legendary pages, resistance matrixes, guides, etc. This page also contains our raid policies if you have any questions on them.

The gallery is also open for any kin member to post pictures of their adventures in. Check it out and see what kind of crazy stupid stuff is posted! (we may moderate it if we feel the picture is inappropriate or space starts to run out).

And finally, the forums is a great place to share and discuss things that you find in-game and out! Feel free to ask any question or join in an existing discussion!

For website questions, please direct them to Wulfy or Gilderbrand (although Wulfy is a much better resource).

Helpful stuff to know:

Discord is the voice communication software we use. Many groups are formed up at the spur of the moment through Discord. You don't even have to have a mic, just join and listen in on our shenanigans. You'll never know what kind of funny stuff you'll hear, plus you'll get to experience some of Swifty and Hammo's social stupidity! (Discord is also required for all raids. You don't have to talk, you just have to be able to listen). It's a free download here: Discord download. Here is an excellent guide to Discord on how to get it up and running and all the options Discord guide, feel free to explore the options and so on.  Any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Connection information can be found in the Hammiki.

When you hit level 45 you'll find that your class trainer will give you several quests to go collect X amount of stuff (this will be repeated several times). Talk to Gilderbrand or Wulfy (through kinchat, tells, or in-game mail...they won't bite, I promi...well...Wulfy might). They have many of the items you'll need (unless you want to go farm them yourself). Items are also available at any skirmish camp for marks/medallions.

World is a channel that exists on every server. Its purpose is a "Global Looking For Fellowship" channel to help find people to do group quests. However, probabely 95% of the time its just a general chat channel full of drama, name-calling, and other random stuff. Every now and then you'll get lucky and find something really funny. And it does occasionally serve its purpose to help get people together to get groups.  Swifty and Hammo members are not prevented from talking in it, you'll find that most of us don't, but we do expect you to be respectful and not make a butt of yourself (otherwise you'll find one of us kicking your butt out of the kin).

If you have any questions or need something, ask in kinchat or Team Speak! We do our best to help out all kin members.

Officer of Swifty and Hammo